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Friday, June 25, 2004

How to survive yet another trip to Indiana


Fly into Chicago, grab an 18-course meal until the wee hour in the morning, stay overnight near the airport, fly out to Indiana at daybreak on a mini-plane, get your meeting done, and fly home that same evening!

That's how.

Actually, this week has been even crazier than a simple day-trip to Indiana. It's more like Orlando, Chicago, and Indiana, exactly one day each, and now I am safely back home.

I can't complain though, the 18-course meal was taken at the fabulous Trio. As Louisa said, this was the end of an era. The chef, Grant Achatz, is leaving soon, and Trio will never be the same without him. I'll post in more details about it later, promise.

This trip was also fun for another reason, meeting an old friend for the very first time. Louisa and I have been playing catch up for like a year, in a few countries no less. It's hilarious to think that we finally caught up with each other, in Evanston, Illinois, of all places!

It was actually a funny story, how Louisa and I met (virtually). When I started posting on eG last year, someone named Lou kept answering my posts and even invited me to share a meal while in Paris. I just ignored that invitation. eG is a public site, all sorts of people post on it, prudence would not let me go to dinner with, for all I know, some big burly guy name Lou whom I'd never met!

After I came back from Paris that trip, I wrote about a few meals there, including one at Café Constant. Louisa sent me a message, furious, that I was practically on her street and didn't tell her. That was the very first time she signed her message, Louisa. We had a good laugh over this. Had I known that she was a Louisa and not a big burly guy named Lou, I would have had lunch with her everyday. I was in Paris all alone for a few days that August. How funny. We managed to miss each other during my subsequent trips to Europe, for one reason or another, so I hadn't a chance to meet her face to face until just yesterday.

She's going back to Paris later this year, to work for Jean Francois Piège, after she's done with her summer stage at El Bulli! I am green with envy.


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