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Thursday, July 15, 2004

encore at Manresa, with Chez Pim's first guest blogger, Liz


I was at chef David Kinch's wonderful restaurant Manresa again last week, this time bringing some serious gourmets, namely Liz and John, and my dear friend Matthew, with me.

And by serious I do mean Serious. No kidding. If you think I knew anything about haute cuisine, think again. I don't, really, at least not when compared to Liz and her husband John, who go on their au stomach trips, as they call them, every year to Europe, hitting practically every two-three star places on their path. They have both eaten at every single 3 star places in France, most more than once. And they are practically on first name basis with starred chefs all over France. They've recently told me, very kindly, that next time I go to Paris and want to revisit Gagnaire I should let them know. They will tell Pierre to expect me. Yes, that Pierre.

Besides the obvious educational benefit to be gained from dining with Liz and John, they are also such delightful company. We had such a wonderful time, with the superb food, the attentive and impeccable service, and with each other's company. So much so that the night, which started at 7.30 and didn't end until half past one, went by like magic.

David, the chef, really outdid himself. We were completely blown away. The last time I was there with other friends, we had a good meal, but this time it was stupendous, and, yes, the cliché, sublime. Every ingredient was of the best quality, every taste distinct, hitting every note perfectly, forming a wondrous symphony. He left nothing to chance, every bite, every drop of sauce, every progression of taste, each completely planned, and worked perfectly and harmoniously. There were one thing or two that were perhaps too assertively tasting, the bone marrow on the beef, for example, but it would just be nitpicky to pick on those, as the meal, taken as a whole, was indeed marvelous.

I am so very honored to announce that Liz, who writes amazing and vivid narratives on her annual au stomach trips, has agreed to be the very first guest blogger on Chez Pim. The post below is her wonderful recounting of our meal at Manresa.

Take it away, Lizzie….

Manresa - Along for the Ride with Pim and Matthew by Liz Haskell


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