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Friday, August 20, 2004

another random blog

For those of you checking Chez Pim for a Mina blurb, I promise I will write it up very very soon. Living and blogging are not quite in harmony at the moment. But for now, here's another amusing snippet from an IM conversation, this time with Yishay, also in London.

yishay: well, I can make you an honerary jew, if you want
pim: thank you
pim: I've been to enough Seders
yishay: liberal, educated, complicated..
pim: hey i knew about the orange thing before you did—what kind of jew are you, huh?
yishay: you have it all
pim: heh
yishay: Mother issues..
pim: ha ha ha
pim: exactly
pim: i am SO jewish
pim: wow
pim: cool
yishay: I know officialy declare you an honarary jew. you can hang a mezuza on your blog
yishay: and wear a sweater - its getting cold.
pim: yes mum, but, um...what exactly is a mezuza?
pim: I guess I am disqualified now?
pim: oh well, i'll go back to being a recovering buddhist, thanks much.

--Pim, off now to grab a drink at Zuni and then to check out the late night menu at Frisson--you see why I just can't keep up on the blog?


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