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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Free food! Stonehouse Olive Oil and Fatted Calf Charcuterie

I ran into my friend Shuna last week at the Ferry Plaza and found out that she would be cooking and giving away free food at the new Stonehouse Olive Oil shop on 24th st. in Noe Valley this coming Saturday.

I thought I'd let you know here, since I know Shuna's cooking would be yummy (she used to be pastry chef at Citizen Cake you know) and I know we all like free food, yes? Especially since in this case the free food will be a show case of California artisanal best, including Stonehouse Olive Oil and my favorite new find, The Fatted Calf charcuterie.

A little side note on the Fatted Calf: I had been complaining for years that I could never find good saucisson sec, french dry sausage, in this country. Even the better salumi houses, like Mastrelli's in North Beach and the Ferry building, don't make properly dried sausages like those in Europe. Until one lucky day a few weeks ago, after lunch at Chez Papa, I wandered down the street into a little gourmet goodies shop and found some seriously good looking charcuterie by the Fatted Calf. One bite into the bone-dry and intensely flavorful saucisson sec got me swooning and magically transported back to Europe again. No more sneaking anything pass the sniffing dogs at the airport—and no more sweaters smelling like a dead pig—bravo the Fatted Calf.

Back on the free food topic, Shuna said they would start serving at lunch time and continue to do so until they run out of food, so I suggest you go early and have your fill before all the goodies are gone.

Stonehouse California Olive Oil
24th St. and Sanchez
Saturday August 21st
lunchtime to dinnertime
food prepared by Shuna Lydon, in-house chef


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