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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

How to ruin a perfectly good honey

TruffledhoneySo, a cheese service at Otto a few months back reminded me of the truffle-infused honey I loved. I thought to myself that this wasn't all that hard to do, all I needed was a decent truffle and good honey.

When I was in Paris this last time I made it to the bio market on Sunday, and bought some fabulous honey from my favorite honey man in the world, Jean-Paul Couto. His honey is raw and completely unfiltered, and tastes like the forest and the trees from whence it came.

I bought some amazingly fragrant Miel de Tilleul (linden), pungent Miel de Châtaignier (chestnut), and strong Miel de Forêt (forest). Then went to Le Grand Epicerie to get some truffles - yes, yes off the season I know - but I really wanted to try.

So, fast forward a couple weeks, now I was back home in SF. I finally had the time to continue with my experiment. So, the chopped up truffles went into the fabulous forest honey, stir, stir, stir, and what did I get?

A perfectly good honey spoiled by icky looking black bits that tasted like nothing.

Mind you I deserved all of this! I should have known better. I really should have. I should have known not to buy the stupid preserved truffles in the first place, especially at 40 euro a pop. Then I should have known that the truffles that smelled of nothing while I was chopping them up would smell even more so like nothing in my fragrant honey.

I shall now go stand in the corner and repeat "I should have known better" twenty times.


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