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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Kinja and the new Megnut

Kinjalogo_1I've known about Kinja for a while, but have just recently started using it regularly. Kinja is a weblog portal that allows me to put together my own digest of blogs that I want to keep up with. My Kinja Digest is what I look at in the morning to see what's new on the various blogs I am interested in. I am definitely a Kinja devotee now.

I still love Food Blog Central at Bourrez Votre Visage however, and do go there regularly. But when I am pressed for time, Kinja is where I go to read up on only the blogs I know and love.

Here's what a Kinja digest of one of my posts looks like:


Discovering Kinja also rekindled my interest in Megnut, whom I knew long ago when she was still in San Francisco. Meg is a technologist and one of the founders of Blogger, whose influencial blog Megnut has been a fixture in the blogging scene for years, and has inspired many blogs that followed, including Chez Pim, in fact. Kinja is yet another one of her cool brain children.

MegnutlogoRevisiting Megnut revealed another fun transformation. It turned out that she has decided to change profession, from geek to chef! She is spending six months in the kitchen at a restaurant called Fifty-Six Union in Nantucket, and is blogging about her experience. How fun is this?

Very gutsy Meg, and the best of luck to your new adventure!


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