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Thursday, December 16, 2004

Chocolate & Zucchini Struck Again!

The headline over on C&Z this morning reads:

The Jam Smuggler Strikes Again!

Apparently, someone has been trafficking her favorite June Taylor jams from San Francisco to her friends in Paris, and then back the other direction, this time with her french favorite Christine Ferber confitures back home for herself and a few dear friends.

Well, that someone is now -reportedly- a teeny bit worried that la douane on both directions are going to be waiting for her next time... Luckily her career of smuggling things a tad more innocuous than jams is pretty much over. Thanks to Sue and Peggy whose Cowgirl Creamery has her cravings for Neals Yard's and Jean d'Alos cheeses entirely covered.

Hmm, actually, were a leg of Jamon Iberico just a wee bit smaller...as it is a 7-kilo stinking leg of ham might be a little difficult to hide under the coat.


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