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Monday, December 20, 2004

dinner in a can, yes, really


I didn't feel like cooking or doing anything elaborate today, nor did I have enough energy to go out. So, tonight's meal had me looking in the cupboard to see what ready-made things in there looked good enough to eat. I found a stack of goodies I bought the last time I was in France, a few rillettes de canard (a sort of country paté made of duck meat), some foie gras, and some boudin noir (blood sausage), bought from Alain Ducasse's little food shop in the 8th. They are all made by the famous Auberge Iparla in the Basque country in the Southwest of France.

I decided on a can of the duck rillette, tasty and dripping in yummy pork fat, cut up a couple slices of whole grain bread from Della Fattoria, added to those a couple spoonful of robust mustard and a handful of cornichons. Poured myself a glass of 02 Ann Gros Bourgogne Rouge -just because I am by myself doesn't mean I should drink crap wine- and that was a lovely dinner for one.

I am going to bed happy.


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