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Monday, December 06, 2004

"Where in Paris is Pim?" guessing contest winner

Correctanswers_1drum roll......


Pascale, of C'est moi qui l'ai fait.

The prize, a box of tea Esprit de Noël from Mariage Frères which --oddly enough-- will have to be shipped back to Paris where I got it in the first place. How funny? I wrote down each name of the person who guessed correctly in a little bitty piece of paper, one for each correct guess, and all of them went into a little pot. In I reached and out came the name of the winner, none other than our very own Pascale, with whom I just had dinner a few days ago at the very restaurant in one of the photos. How very funny. Whereispimprize_2

And for those who are still curious, the correct answers are, from the earliest to the last photo chronologically:
Centre Pompidou
The dining room at the Hotel Meurice
The photo exhibit by Yann Layman at the Jardins du Luxembourg
Delicabar (or Le Bon Marché will do too)
The Ladies at the Ritz, downstairs from the Hemingway
The muffin man at the bio market on Blvd.Raspail
Restaurant Pierre Gagnaire
St.Sulpice (and yes, on the way to Pierre Hermé)
The exhibit, 1000 faces of AIDS, at the Pont des Arts
A pole on the courtyard of the Louvre
La Table du Lucullus (I counted for both Pascale and Alissa, since no one else got it right.)
, Boulangépicier (I was surprised no one got this right, this is the little place that is a collaboration between Eric Keysar and Alain Ducasse.)
On United, on the way back to San Francisco

This was so much fun I might do it again on my upcoming trip to Thailand in a few days.


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