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Monday, December 06, 2004

Wine Blogging Wednesday 5: Wacky-name wines

What is in a name? That which we call a wine, by any other name would taste as good.

Our old friend Willie would perhaps claim as much, but would it really? Reading the name on wine labels often makes me wonder. The French --as one would expect-- is masterful at giving wines poetic names, Les Amoureuses from the hamlet of Chambolle-Musigny in Burgundy is one. Something would have to taste rather good to have a name like that, wouldn't you think? But then, would you want to taste a red wine from Chateau de l'Hospital? Hmm, not entirely sure are you? How about Chateau le Gay? I suppose that one wouldn't sell much in Ohio.

When Lenn asked me to host one of his brilliant Wine Blogging Wednesdays, following in the successful footsteps of Alder, Viv, and Derrick, this idea of doing one with wackily named wines came to me. Wouldn't it be fun? Instead of following a type, a varietal, or an appellation, I would ask people to review wines with weird, strange, ironic, or funny --or all of the above for that matter-- names. It would at least be a good laugh to ring in the new year I thought, our dear ring leader Lenn even agreed to indulged me.

So, that's it people, WBW 5, the first one of 2005, will be for wacky-name wines. All the normal rules apply, --except for the one on the price limit, go ahead, review a $500 wine, see if I care-- please choose a wine, any color, any varietal, any appellation --any whatever, really-- as long as it has got a wacky name. The wackier the better, in any language, even, do translate the name into English for us though, pretty please.

Come Wednesday January 26th, please post the review on your blog and send me a trackback, drop a comment, or even email me to let me know. If you haven't a blog, emailing me your entry is fine (chezpim at gmail dot com), I will post the blogless entries here chez moi.

Start looking now as you begin your holiday shopping, come next year and next Wine Blogging Wednesday, you will not want your wine blog to be the least wacky of them all, will you?


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