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Friday, January 21, 2005

Food Bloggers in the Sacramento Bee

The food blog world is taking mainstream media by storm. Today the Sacramento Bee ran another piece about food blogs called Finger-clickin good, featuring Elise, of Elise's Simply Recipes, and my friend and fellow SF food blogger Alaina of A Full Belly.

They've also got this to say about yours truly -who is now blushing furiously...

Chez Pim
Content: Articulate and well-traveled San Franciscan tracks the food world from California to Thailand and France; The Accidental Hedonist recently named this site the best food blog for restaurant reviews.
In a word: Worldly
Best for: The thinking gourmet

More honorable mentions go to Sam, Clotilde, Bruce, Adam, and Josh. Kudos to them all!


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