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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

A Menu for Hope

A Menu For Hope

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"To give joy and all the joy can give."
Alexander Pope

It is an absolute joy for us food bloggers to be able to share what we are passionate about every single day on our blogs. And it is even a bigger delight to share them with those who need help the most.

The recent earthquake and tsunami in Southeast Asia have caused unprecedented devastation, and among those most affected are the helpless children. A number of food bloggers, namely, Amy, Adam, Alder, Anthony, Bertrand, Clotilde, Derrick, Heidi, Hillel, Kate, Lenn, Louisa, Melissa, Pascale, Roger, Viv, Wena, and I, decided to do something collectively to help.

We offer up this menu for your pleasure, with recipes from Southeast Asia, our small homage to the long traditions of cuisine in the area. We also offer wine pairing for each course, and translated versions of the recipes by our kind international blogger friends Pascale, Melissa, and Roger. We hope that you will be able to perhaps cook from some of these recipes or even the entire menu and share the joy with those you love.

We also hope that this gesture will incite you to make a small donation to Unicef, to share the delight with those who are in need (Click on the Donate to Unicef button to donate). We understand that many of you have already given generously to many deserving organizations, but we hope that you will give again, if only a few dollars or euros. Each of the blogs involved in this effort has many readers, if each one of you give only a little bit, we hope that it will amount to a substantial sum that could help make a difference to those unfortunate souls.

We chose Unicef as the beneficiary of this fundraising event because they are providing much needed assistance in food, healthcare, and education to the children in the most affected areas.

Thank you so very much for you help.

(Click on each recipe, pairing suggestion, or language to go the blog hosting the selection.)


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