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Friday, February 18, 2005

So I became a food stylist..

Todmun4 Todmun2
Todmun1_1 Todmun3_1

An email arrived at 7pm last night from a newspaper called La Prensa in Panama, asking for a photo for the Tod Mun fish cake I did for our Menu for Hope. The story, as I was told, would run this Saturday, so she needed a high resolution photo by the morning!

I haven't got any photo(!), the files were corrupted, so I had to make the dish in a hurry. Drove out to May Wah on Clement to find the ingredients, only to find the market closing down and couldn't really get what I needed. So I ended up scrounging around the fridge to see what I could do to at least make the dish look good, never mind how it tastes.

So I got a piece of fish, mashed it up. Found a bit of leftover curry paste from a couple weeks back, never mind that it's a wrong sort, it's red enough! Mixed them together. Had no long beans, so I used a few snow peas. Found some lime leaves in the freezer, so cut a few in chiffonade, and in they went in the paste.

The ajaad salad also got made in a hurry, didn't even bother to taste anything.

The oil got heated up, fried three lumps of fish cakes, looked good enough, so the rest went into the dump.

Set up some light, snapped a few shots, off to Photoshop to check the quality, back to the light to adjust a couple things, snappy snap some more. This time they looked fine, well as good as it was gonna get anyhow. So off they went to Panama in an email attachment. Look, ma, I'm a food stylist!!

Honestly, they were the most disgusting Tod Mun I've ever tasted! ick...yuck....


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