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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Yet more press: haven't I told you my ego really doesn't need help?

TheguardianpaperI was about to head to bed when I noticed a new article on the Guardian UK Online about food blogs. Written by our very own Pieman, the article speaks of the usual suspects: Clotilde, Kate, Alberto, Hillel, among others.

But the sweetest bit of that article is this:

Jay Rayner, the Observer's food critic, is a member of several online food forums, but reads just one food blog, Chez Pim - "She's very funny, has exquisite taste and she's a friend of mine".

Mais bien sûr, and did I ever mention our little Mutual Admiration Society we've got going here, Jay and I? Because I really should, because Jay Rayner is my favorite restaurant critic, ever. Seriously, if you didn't believe me you should read his review of Vernon's in Manchester.

I pushed down again and suddenly, bang, half a lump of deep-fried sweet sponge sprang off my plate, bounced on to the floor and disappeared under a table. Perhaps this dumpling was trying to do me a favour, to spare me the horror of eating it. Sadly, I didn't take the hint. The remaining half was one of the nastiest things I have ever put in my mouth, challenged only by the other things I ate during my lunch at Vernon's in Manchester. (full review here)

See what I mean? So, while you are at it, check out his new book as well, would you?

And in the meantime, despite my half-hearted insistence that my ego sure doesn't need help, there was a mention of Chez Pim on 7x7 Magazine this month. Also, Louisa plugged me on Good Food on KRCW, and the Gridskipper was seen skipping this way. There are also a thing or two more in the pipeline.

Stay tuned to see my head gets so big it couldn't help but explode, and surely in the most spectacular of manners. That I can promise you.


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