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Friday, March 04, 2005

In a "snarky" mood

Just saw these on the menu of a new restaurant in Vegas.

“Black Jack” of Cod Brandade
Osetra Caviar, Tomato Diamond and Cucumber “Gelée”
Ocean “Baeckeoffe” with Maine Lobster
Artisan Foie Gras “Au Torchon” with Grilled Foie Gras

What is with all this hemorrhaging of quotation marks? The "Black Jack" of Cod Brandade is a proper use alright, but what's with the cucumber “Gelée”? Is it really Gelée or is it some other coagulated substances?

What about the Foie Gras "Au Torchon"? Which bit of that phrase was really in question I wonder: the "Au Torchon" or the "Artisan"? And what of the accompaniment, could we really be sure it's "grilled"?

If you ask me, the thing that truly deserves quotation marks on any menu is the dodgy "Kobe" beef everyone seems to be so enamored of these days.

Pim--in a snarky mood "apparently"


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