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Monday, March 14, 2005

Talk the talk

You know, everyone is talking the talk these days, but how many of us are actually walking the walk? What am I talking about, you asked? The buying local thing, that's what I'm referring to. It's so hip these days everyone is talking about it.

What's getting me all snarky again? It's Ms.Pinckney on the Food Network's Food Finds. I stumbled on to the episode that she was hosting from the Cross Street market in Baltimore. The market, she said, was just the kind of place she loved to shop, where you could find, she said, great local produce from local vendors. All of this while walking by a produce stand and picking up a hideous looking mango for effect. Besides the mangos, the stand also proudly displayed some pineapples of dubious origin.

I mean, seriously, I had no idea they grow mangos and pineapples in Baltimore these days. Not that I go to that part of the world very often, so perhaps I am completely off base on this, please, someone, correct me if I'm wrong. Baltimore is now rampant with mango orchards and pineapple fields, right?

It's disgusting, disgusting, how people are paying lip service to ingredients these days. I wonder if that Ms.Pinckney would know good local ingredients if they bite her in the derrière. Heh!


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