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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Typepad VS SiteMeter puzzler

Sorry, this post is not about food, but I have a puzzling question about Typepad stats and SiteMeter stats that I really want an answer. I'm sure there are bloggers out there who use SiteMeter and Typepad or Moveable Type and could help me out.

I've been using SiteMeter since around the end of September, and have been somewhat puzzled by the discrepency between the stats that SiteMeter reports and my stats on Typepad. For some reason SiteMeter reports on about half the traffic that Typepad seems to see. This has been a pretty consistent trend since I began using SiteMeter.

For example, right this very moment Typepad reports 3,388 hits so far today. SiteMeters only has 1,443. Typepad has 126 hits in the last hour, while SiteMeter has 75.

What is up with that? Has anyone got this same problem? I am rather curious. Thanks in advance.


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