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Friday, March 11, 2005

Blog Appétit, bien sûr!


An email from Mijo in France told me to go check out Blog Appétit. Michel Porto, a famous French chef from Gironde, has made some comments on the recipes from the first Blog Appétit cook-off, with the themed ingredients of scallops (Saint Jacques) and leeks (Poireaux).

Here's what he said about my recipe for Saint-Jacques à la Sauce Curry, Riz aux Poireaux:

"C'est parfait, textures respectées, beaucoup de couleur et de goût, pas de crème. Il ne serait pas impossible que je la retravaille pour ma carte de l'an prochain... J'ai un vrai coup de coeur."

"This is perfect, respected textures, plenty of color and taste, not cream. It is not at all impossible that I might rework it for my menu next year...I've truly fallen in love."

Woah. How cool is that? And besides the kind things he had to say about my recipe, I was quite pleasantly astonished by the care with which he had gone through so many recipes to offer up interesting and educational comments on each one. And he did all this while away in Vietnam! Now that's serious dedication. He also offered up his very own yummy looking recipe: Noix de Saint Jacques et sabayon de truffe noire, gros blanc de poireau doré. Merci mille à chef Porto.

Even if you don't read French, you should go check out Blog Appétit. Here's the main page after Google Translate has done its magic.


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