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Monday, April 11, 2005

Plane, train, and automobiles -- and wifi?

Closing off one chapter in my life and about to begin another, with a harrowing -yet sure to be fun- journey across the Pond, the Channel and the Pyrenées and back again, in the sky, on the tracks, and on the curvy French and Catalan country roads. Oh, and perhaps even across the Aegean, which would turn this into a trip of Odyssean proportion. How fun!

I will get to London first, flying across the pond of course, where The Fat Duck, St.John, and Tayyabs await. Then Eurostar to Paris, pick up a car, off to Brittany where Olivier Rollinger and some unknown local lobster shacks will be our destinations. From there we get back to Paris and grab a ride on the TGV down to Monpellier, then over the country roads to Laguiole, and not just for the knives. Then back in the car over and across to Spain, pardon me, Calalonia: Barcelona and Roses to be precise. Yes, y'all know where I'll be eating. ;-) Getting back from Barcelona back to Paris will be on the overnight train, which really should be fun. There is something so quaint and romantic about overnight trains, no?

What of the Aegean, you asked? Well, that bit of the trip is unknown yet. I've heard recently that someone in my circle is taking a house for six months on an Island off the coast of Greece, so I might just drop by for a week or two of shoeless -if not entirely clothless- existence. Mmm...grilled fish with nothing but a little olive oil, thyme from the side of the road, and a squeeze of lemon....mmm...

But now that I don't work for The Man himself, connecting to the Internets might prove a little more complicated than before. That's why I need your help. I know there must be some wifi places where I can get a wifi connection for my G4, but I've never really looked for them so have no idea where they might be. Any idea? Parisian readers, aidez-moi?


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