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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Sleepless in London

StjohnbeerwineHaven't a moment to breathe since I got here in London. Promise I will blog some more soon. It's been a fantastic trip so far, with three meals in already at St.John, and one in the venerable company of Paul Bocuse! In the word of the grand chef himself, formidable!

This trip really has been great for meeting very interesting names and people. I don't quite know how to mention them all without sounding like a breathless groupie or horrible name dropper! I'll just have to figure it out I guess, I certainly do want to tell those tales. Well, or perhaps I should just accept the fact that I certainly am guilty on both counts and just do it, huh?

A dinner at the Fat Duck last night was most interesting and quite delicious. I'll write more about that too, but for now I am off to walk about a bit before meeting the gang at the Tayyab for dinner tonight.

More later, promise. :-)


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