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Saturday, May 28, 2005

blaming it on the heat


I have been really tardy with the blog. I blame it on the heat. Really, it's been so unbelievably hot in Paris. I went shopping yesterday looking for summer clothes, with a goal to wear as little as I could while still look, um, half way decent. It's been that kind of heat.

Paris is as much fun as ever. I've had quite a full schedule two lunches at L'Astrance -one of which was in the delightful company of Les Girls Louisa and Clotilde -where we ate and laughed and drank and said grace with our little cameras-, roasted a Poulet de Bresse, had tartine with David, got all végétable-d with Pascale, trekked out to Chatillon for couscous, had yet another wonderful meal at Le Meurice, this time a lovely lunch, also a delicious dinner at L'Entredgeu and L'Os à Moelle and many other lovely little bistros. Next week I have another lunch at L'Ambroisie and a dinner at Gagnaire. Goodness when will I ever have time to blog about it all.

I've been going into Pierre Hermé nearly everyday, for a few macarons or -since the heat wave- for a Miss Gla Gla Ispahan, an ultimate icecream sandwich made of rose macaron biscuits and raspberry and litchi sorbet.

I think I know I've been spending far too much time there, chez Pierre Hermé, when the cute sale girl -Japanese I think, who speaks perfect English but put up with my halting French kindly anyway- said à bientôt instead of au revoir as I left the shop the last two times I was there. I guess when they begin to say à demain is when I really know I am in need of professional help....


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