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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Pierre Hermé: La nouvelle saison


There are quite a few things new on offer today when I went by Pierre Hermé's patisserie on Rue Bonaparte. Two new macaron flavors: Campari et Pamplemousse and Pistache "Arabesque". I didn't like the Campari one much, finding the cream in the middle a little bit pasty.

Arabesque_1The Pistache "Arabesque", on the other hand, was fantastic. The biscuit had crumbled pistachio sprinkled on top, and inside was a delicious cream of apricot, with a mini dish of apricot confit and crispy praline hiding in the middle. This is going on the list of my all time favorite hall of fame, right there with the Caramel au fluer de sel.

Ispahanglass_2And as though the real Ispahan wasn't enough of a treat, there is a brand new incarnation of Ispahan, in a gorgeous glass with layers of raspberry gelée, rose gelée, and litchi bits, topped with a rose biscuit. The complete flavor profile of his famous Ispahan, but in an entirely different presentation. I didn't get to try it, because I was on my way somewhere so I only got macarons to munch on the way. I'll get back there to try it soon.


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