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Monday, June 06, 2005

It certainly has been an interesting weekend


Certainly. The weekend began marvelously with the dinner that was simply the best meal of this trip. The best, simply. In this trip that has taken me so many wonderful places, old favorites and new acquaintances, from the beautiful classicist cooking at L'Ambroisie, to the heart-left, terroir driven cuisine at Michel Bras and Olivier Roellinger, to the modern classic at Le Meurice, to the Postmodern "tout remettre en question" at El Bulli and The Fat Duck, and many others along the way, during which time I had so many fantastic things to eat, dishes that brought tears to my eyes, but I finally found the meal that I could truly call the best.

Where was this, you asked? A dinner chez Pierre Gagnaire last Friday. I've been there before, many times, but for some reason or another I haven't written about the place yet, but this time I certainly will write up in detail. I don't have time to do it today, but I will very soon. I just couldn't wait! In the mean time, Ptipois, my dining companion that night, wrote a blip about it on her blog already, only for French readers though, sorry. If you want an English version you'd just have to wait for me.

YannickallenoAnother super fun thing was a conversation with Yannick Alléno, who, despite his extremely busy schedule, found time to have a little interview with me. The entire interview will be on Chez Pim very soon, and I promise you it will be extremely interesting and thought provoking to read. Yannick is so passionate with his work and his approach to cuisine, and that passion shines in everything he does. How extraordinary! You'll just have to wait a bit. I'll blog about it very soon. Really.


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