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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Life is never boring in Blog Land, or, how to blog without really blogging

Moving purgatory, that's what I am in at the moment and I really have no time to blog much, so, here is how I blog without really blogging. ;-)

I'm keeping up on some of my favorite blogs, and boy are there lots of things to keep up on. These guys and girls are having more fun than ever. Let's see what some of them are up to, shall we?

Mon ami David -no, not that David, the other David, the one in Paris- has been super productive, writing a very educational guide on how to pick fruit and also Brie. He also hasn't forgotten that he's super funny and wrote a hilarious piece imploring Adam -yes, that Adam- to come visit.

Clotilde is rhapsodizing, as only she could, over her recent trip to New York, where, strangely enough, she had an encounter with a specter of me! Oh but that story I can't tell, sorry.

Adam, that amazingly prolific gourmet Adam, wrote about The Most Momentus Meeting of Food Bloggers Ever. You've got to see for yourself to believe.

Pascale told us about a new blog aggregator, Blog Actu, which, in her words, is something like Food Porn Watch mais en plus sexy. Mais oui.

On the way somewhere I spotted that odd little man Anthony in Oz boiling his eggs to music. I expected no less of him.

Our Kate is hopping mad over the mad cow story.

Clement somewhere up north is going Gla Gla over an icecream sandwich.

Oh, right, there's also our famous girl Louisa posing with Anthony Bourdain.

Life is never boring in Blog Land, is it? As for me, I'm off now to pack more boxes. Back soon.


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