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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

EoMEoTE: omelette with softshell crabs and XO sauce


EoMEoTE - a spoof of a meme that has itself become a meme. This world is funny isn't it?

I've never participated in this before, preferring to take a back seat and enjoy month after month of eggy hilarity from down under. But this week I've got quite a fun eggy dish so I thought I'd play.

This was an omelette, a plain omelette cooked up with just salt and a bit of pepper and lots and lots of butter, topped with a sauteed softshell crab -happened to have a few lying round the fridge - and with many spoonfuls of Chinese XO sauce. The softshell crabs were tossed gently in a bit of flour, then salt and pepper and pan fried in - yes - lots and lots of butter. The XO sauce - which in fact contained no XO at all - was added at the very end, right off the fridge.

The toast was on the side. Was that against the rule?


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