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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

I'm the Boss, and I Say No Beets

Actually, the title of the article from today's NY Times Food Section is I'm the Boss, and I Say No Lentils. That funny article is all about chefs and the food items they found insufferable.

Hey, if Bobby Flay could ban lentils from his new restaurant, Bar American, and Wiley Dufresne could dismiss dill because it tasted like soap, I certainly find no shame in continuing my hate-affair with all beets. Oh and in case you're wondering, yes, yes, that's the same Wiley dude who thought frying mayo was a good idea! Heh.

Most of the chefs said that they would make an exception if they are invited to dinner, owing to politesse. As for me, I don't think so. If Alain Passard couldn't make a beet dish I could eat, my hosts certainly couldn't. I even sent something back chez Pierre Gagnaire last month, the plate came back a mere few moments later with turnips instead of beets, and all was well again in my world.


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