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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Happy birthday me


My birthday cake from last night. Someone very sweet made me a cake (two, actually) with a "happy birthday" written in Thai. In Thai! How sweet was that? He googled it and painted the phrase on the cake like a picture. That was so sweet. Although he said, from the look of the cakes, it was clear he wasn't a pastry chef, wasn't it? ;-)

Can I ask you for a little present? It's my birthday after all. No, no, I don't want things. I've got enough things even for greedy little me. I want a vote for my William, my guy on the Gourmet Survivor game. He made very yummy looking Beignet for this round of the game. It will cost you $5 for a vote, but it all goes to Katrina relief fund at the Red Cross. Please, please, pretty please? I will be forever grateful. Voting ends Tuesday 10pm EST, so please please hurry!!

Thank you!



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