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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

A blog of your own

With all this new traffic from many folks who've never seen a blog before, I thought I would point you to a few tips on how to start one, should you be so inclined.

Food Blogging 101
Adam wrote this fun piece a while back. He gave a good overview of what to do and not to do, in that hilarious style that could only be from that Amateur Gourmet.

Food Blog S'cool
A brainchild of our Sam, Food Blog S'cool is a collective space where food bloggers talk about everything from the technical side of blogging to how to get more people to read your blog. There is also a good calendar of events if you want to keep up on the memes, cook-offs and whatnot. A very good resource for new bloggers.

Blog Tool: Typepad
As for blogging tools, I whole-heartedly recommend Typepad, which I have used since they were in Beta. Typepad, unlike Blogger, is not free, but it's far better in my opinion. It is simple enough to be able to get started very quickly, even if you've never done it before, and yet flexible enough that I can tailor it to my needs as my blog evolves. The lowest tier subscription is just about $10 a month, which is really not that much at all for what they offer.


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