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Sunday, September 18, 2005

So we made the Po'boy

So today is the day. Round one of Gourmet Survivor game.

What Gourmet Survivor game, you asked? Well give me a minute while I am offended. What kind of loyal Chez Pim reader are you? Feh. I am hoping that you are the kind of loyal Chez Pim reader that will give me $5 when asked nicely, especially when it's for a very good cause.

The good cause I'm speaking of is the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund, to lend a hand in the wake of hurricane Katrina. I know, I know, this is such a frivolous blog why should you help? Well, you should because once in a while life is not just about shoes. No, really, even I know that. I assure you this will not be a permanent condition, but just for a short while, let's get a wee bit serious and give if we can, pretty please?

Today is challenge #1, making a Po'boy. <Brad Pitt's Fight Club voice> The first rule of making the po'boy is knowing how to spell it properly.</Brad Pitt's Fight Club voice> It's Po'boy, not Po'Boy or Po 'Boy, or po'Boy, or any variations on that theme.

Upper case P, lower case o, the little tick thingy, no space, lower case b, o, and y. Po'boy

Get this people? You see how many other contestants got it right? You go see for yourself. Ha. For this alone you should vote for William et moi-même.

And how have I, some Thai girl from Bangkok, come upon this privilege knowledge? Well, easy enough. I cheat. Cheat? Yes. Cheat. Of course. Cheat. What fun is a game if you're not playing to win? So I cheated. So I got my good half, himself grew up in New Orleans, to coach me. Ain't nothing wrong with the coach getting a bit of coaching herself, is there? We decided to go the po'rest of the po' Po'boys. The fried potato Po'boy. Carb on carb, potato and bread, the former fried in lard and latter slathered in butter.

So we gave our William, the pawn in my game for glory, the recipe. Simple enough, bread, spread liberally with butter and toasted, potatoes, cut up and fried with garlic and green onions, and dressed with mayo (manez is you're from New Orleans), raw cabbage, and pickles.

William did a superb job. Even though he didn't butter the bread and went for a visual effect of red cabbage instead of the drab green. Oh well, the bottom line is, dude didn't quite know how to follow a recipe. But we shall forgive him, shall we not? Because his heart is in the right place. And I PROMISE you next time his brain will too. Ha.

So, we made the Po'boy, quite a delectable looking Po'boy even. Check out the account from William himself just below this post. And what do YOU get to do? You get to donate $5 and vote for our William to stay in the game, and for me (and my cheatin' heart) to keep coaching him. In fact, each $5 will get you a vote, so feel free to give more if you like us that much more. We appreciate it. I'm sure the Red Cross will appreciate it too.

Oh, and don't forget, for your vote to be valid William's name must be in the comment box when you donate your fiver. Yes, that's the rule, even if you're voting for other contestants. Get that? William's name, the comment box, capiche?

Thank you, thank you, thank you.


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