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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Upstaged by the shoes!


This is so funny. Here I was all primped and feted, and all everyone wanted to know was where the shoes came from!! Seriously, you have no idea how many emails I got asking about those shoes. I should be offended! Heh.

Well, for the record dear readers, the shoes are Vialis, a brand from Barcelona. Gimme Shoes in San Francisco carries them. I have no idea about London, sorry. This is the link to the Vialis website. (Thanks Jonher for the pointer.)

They are not only cute but super comfortable, which is why I practically ruined them walking around Paris. I just got a new pair from the same brand, a cute red one to replace my other cute red pair of Camper, which, incidentally, was also ruined walking around Paris this last trip.

Also just so you know, the dress is Katayone Adeli, and the bag, Orla Kiely. I should get these people to pay me for ad space. ha ha.

P.S. And in case you're wondering if I was always this frivolous. Um, yes. I guess.


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