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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Who is this guy?


Who is this William guy and why is he on my blog? And more importantly, why is he doing insane things like eating my blog, holding a nutella under an umbrella, or holding a pepper that looks like J.Lo's pride and joy?

Well, this is all part of an ingenius scheme by none other than our Adam, that Amateur Gourmet who just couldn't leave it well enough alone. He has, yet again, come up with a crazy game for his blog readers to participate, and this time he is doing it for a very good cause. He's raising money for Katrina aid, and I'm helping him.

You can help too, you know. In fact, we are hoping that you would.

Here's what we are doing. We are playing Gourmet Survivor game, for our amusement as well as yours. Adam selected four survivor contestants who were smart enough to pass the mass elimination round, paired each of them with a blogger coach (which include my friends David L. and Derrick, and also Josh from Frost Street.)

This William here is my guy. He posed in one photo with my blog, so he got me. And happily, he is close enough for a physical butt kicking if he's not performing up to my high expectations. Ha. And he is not just any William, you know, he's some kind of genius scientist over here in the valley. So be afraid my fellow coaches, be very very afraid. We are gonna kick your butts from here to New Orleans!

What's with this game, you asked? Well, for each round, the contestants are asked to perform a foodie task, honoring New Orlean's long food tradition, and you get to vote to give a contestant immunity for that round. The current task is to make a Po'boy. This sunday is judgement day for this round. I will post the result of William's good work here chez moi, and you will get to go vote for his immunity. Each vote will cost you $5, all the money collected will go to the Red Cross for the Katrina victims. So, you get to have some fun and help out a good cause. (Oh no and I'm not collecting the money, it's the smart site Just Giving, who will do it, send you a receipt for US or UK tax refund, and forward the money directly to the Red Cross.)

I know that a lot of you have probably given already, but I'd like to ask you to give again. Think of it as a $5 Chez Pim subscription fee, perhaps. ;-) I give you free food porn, you give me a couple dollars once in a while, and always for a good cause -and no, I'm not talking shoes.

If you think that giving just $5 won't make a difference, please do think again. It certainly is a token amount, but we are hoping that many tokens will add up to a lot. In fact, if you have a lot, and want to give more, feel free to, please. But, to me, the bottomline is, even if we only raised a hundred bucks, it would still be a hundred more than they have now, which is good, no?


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