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Friday, October 14, 2005

Pimus Ignoramus

Hi there Aussie readers,

It seems like I've been receiving a lot of you new visitors from way down under there, thanks to the Sydney Morning Herald reprint of the Observer article. Nice to meet you mates. All of you. Yes, even if some of you have been a teeny-bit miffed at me for not showing proper respect to the incredible and energized food scene in Australia. Well, um, sorry. I can't do everything now can I? Who do you think I am, Anthony Bloody Bourdain? Ha.

Actually, I would have loved to talk about the scene there if I'd actually known anything about it. The last time I was in Australia, and it was only Sydney even, was 2001. I had lovely meals at Tetsuya and Rockpool, but back then my blog wasn't even about food so I never wrote about them. Oh, yes, and I haven't forgotten the mind-blowingly good coffees to be had everywhere, even at the most random of cafes. I know, I know, I'm due for a visit very soon. Perhaps someone would like to sponsor a trip?

And of the food blog scene over there, I must admit that the only one I've really read on a regular basis is my man Anthony's Spice Blog. Sorry. Would it help if I said I've been reading our man Anthony's antics for years now....he's been on my sidebar for about that long, even. I don't really know much about the other ones, but I'm sure I will look you all up when I make it down to there again. In the meantime, I just found this little Australian meme, Omnivoribus Australis. Check them out, there are plenty of links there to food blogs from all over Australia.

ta, (or whatever it is you say down there)
Pimus Ignoramus


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