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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Who's on First --London style

On the phone, sometime last week...
V: Where are we going Tuesday night?
Pim: to Moro
V: No, no, Tuesday night
Pim: We are going to Moro.
V: Not tomorrow, I'm not free tomorrow, I'm asking about Tuesday night, has Max booked us somewhere?
Pim: Yes, and it's at Moro.
V: Oh, right.

Early Tuesday evening,in a cab, chatting on the phone with David in America...
David: Where are you going tonight?
Pim: To Moro
David: where?
Pim: To Moro?
David: You're not going out tonight? Are you feeling alright?
Pim: Yes I am fine, and I am going out, in a cab this very moment to get there. I'm going to Moro, the restaurant.
David: Oh, to Moro.
Pim: That's what I've been saying!

This very morning, on the mobile...
Moby: What are you doing Friday for dinner?
Pim: I'm going to Dine.
Moby: Where?
Pim: To Dine.
Moby: Fancy are we, but where are you going to dine?
Pim: at that new place called Dine!
Moby: Oh, the one that used to be Tooks!
Pim: Heh! That's what I said!


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