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Thursday, November 17, 2005

A mini revelation

Mocapot_2Or a mini confession, perhaps. I was afraid of moca pots. You know, that fabled Italian coffee making contraption that everybody and their brothers rave about? I was afraid of them. To me, they were menacing, threatening to explode in my face if I left them just a second too long on the stove.

That sounds rather silly, I know. Well, I should probably tell you I'm afraid of pressure cookers as well, for pretty much the same reason. Notice I said reason?

Well, I'm happy to say that is no longer true. (At least the moca pot bit, I'm still not going to look the scary pressure cooker in the eyes.) A few days ago my friend David L. insisted on loaning me one of his treasured moca pots, after patiently explaining to me how unlikely it was for the moca pot to actually explode as I feared. Ever so reluctantly I took his advice. I also took his advice on the Malongo fair trade coffee as well -bought from Monoprix of all places. And this morning I have a huge bowl of delicious café au lait to thank him for.

Who knew that moca pot would make such a great coffee? I hardly remember now how I put up with the muddy french press coffee when I was away from my espresso machine! I'm not even going to speak of the Illy pods, whose undue influence I was under for years before I was finally liberated by the kind folks at Bluebottle Coffee Company. There's something new to learn everyday.


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