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Sunday, November 13, 2005

What dreams may come..

So my computer is dead. I was hoping to spend this quiet Sunday catching up on blogging and email (which has about a few weeks worth of backlog due to accessive traveling combined with laziness). Alas, it is not to be. My little computer went to sleep last night, and this morning it refused to wake up, no matter how I pleaded. Luckily I've spent the last day or two uploading recent photos into my flickr, so you could at least occupy yourselves with them until -or should I say if- my computer returns to life.

The first photo on this slide show was one of my favorite dishes of our shopping/cooking trip to the South. At the wonderful fish market in Ventimiglia, we found some anchovies so fresh they were practically breathing still. I couldn't help but bought some. When we got back to the house in Mougins, David set about fileting them with expert precision, then he cured them for a couple of hours, covering up the filets entirely in gray salt. We served them as the first course with a splash of good olive oil and some fennel flowers that we found in the garden. Simple, and just delicious. Click on the photo to see more of our cooking fun. Also, I've put up two other photo sets, from our trips to Ventimiglia market and San Remo market in Italy.

à bientôt...I hope. Wish me luck.


Good news, my computer isn't dead after all. I walked all the way over to David L's penthouse to see if he could help resuscitate my baby, and as it turned out, it's not my computer that's dead, it's my power adapter. Silly me. So tomorrow I will find a new power supply, and for now I only have a couple hours on this battery to catch up on a few things. More posts on the French and Italian riviera and also many more on the week in Burgundy up soon, I promise.


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