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Monday, December 12, 2005

A Menu for Hope II: update

Menuforhopelogo_3It has been less than ten hours since our Menu for Hope II went live, and we've already raised over $1,400 to support the victims of the earthquake in Kashmir. Thank you so much for all who donated, and all the bloggers who provided our campaign with a menu's worth of the coolest food-related prizes. We also have a bunch more bloggers who have decided to participate in our second Menu for Hope campaign. Check out the late additions here.

And one clarification, a few people have emailed to ask about shipping policy for the prizes. The kind and generous bloggers have all agreed to ship their prizes anywhere, except for a few perishable items which wouldn't be practical. So, no gift is restricted to certain geographic locales unless specifically stated otherwise. Check the donating blog of your desired prize to be sure.

And for the $200 dinner at Manresa? Yes, it can be shipped anywhere. The gift certificate part, that is. For the dinner itself you would have to get yourself over to Los Gatos to enjoy it! No way we are going to ship the entire tasting menu to Minsk!

What are you waiting for? Go and donate now, your amazing prizes await!


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