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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Best Urban Food Blog, said Gridskipper

Gridskipperurbs2So Chez Pim just won an award. The 2005 URBS, Urban Blogging Awards, over at Gawker Media's travel blog extraodinaire Gridskipper. That GridPerson was happily skipping by quite a few times this year, so it's nice that his readers found Chez Pim worthy of being part of the, um, URBS.

That's not enough to stop me feeling so cranky today however. Not even with a mention in the CS Monitor yesterday. Why, you asked? Well, as it turned out, that super generous $5,000 donation to the Menu for Hope II was a fake. This was someone's idea of a joke apparently. I wonder who in their right mind would find it funny though. Someone's got to find better things to occupy their time than messing with other people's ernest effort to do something good for a change. We still ended up raising over $17,000 -which is no peanuts mind you- but that sound of $22,000 was so, so, so, so nice. Oh well, à chacun son Karma and all that, I guess.

If you stop by Gridskipper to see the list of award recipients, make sure you check out The Beloved Universe, the winner of World's Best Urban Photoblog, my favorite find from that entire list. Congrats all around and happy holidays to everyone, whatever holiday you chose to celebrate.

P.S. Don't forget to check back here on January 1st for the raffle results. Cheers.


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