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Saturday, December 31, 2005

happy last day of the year, and the new year too

Have a very happy last day of the year everyone, and an even better new days to come in the next year. Yet another year of blogging chez Pim continues to be so much fun, especially because you are around to read it. Really. This year marked a huge change in my life, and together on the blog we laughed, we cried, we cheered, and even jeered. We also cooked a bit. And again we ate and drank our way around the globe, through bad meals and good meals and even better meals. We even got around to doing some good for a change.

Chez Pim has gotten probably more than its share of accolades, but ultimately -all ego and snarkiness aside- this is just my silly blog. I eat because I live, and I write because I love it. I am happy that you are around to share it with. My best wishes to you and yours for tomorrow and many more days to come.

Let me take us into the new year by showing you where I've been hanging this holiday season -yes, dodging hot pans, sneaking a taste of this and that, and all around trying not to get in the way at Manresa. Click on the collage above to see more holiday dinner rush action in Manresa's kitchen. Cheers everyone!

(P.S. Remember to check back tomorrow for the list of raffle winners from the Menu for Hope II.)


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