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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Menu for Hope II: yet more additions


I don't know what to say. Our Menu for Hope II campaign has garnered such a tremendous support from all quarters, and we are at over $4,500 this morning. Thank you so very much for all your support. I am ever so grateful. And, this morning we have even more wonderful blogs joining our campaign of hope.

Slice, the definition blog on all things pizza, is throwing in two prizes to entice their readers, and you too, to donate. One is an invitation for two to the Slice Grilled Pizza party at their headquarter in New York, where you could join the Slice editors and shoot the breeze about pizza while eating some delicious fresh-from-the-grill pies. The second is a pizza-making kit: "For those of you who are not in New York City, unable to travel here, or who just find the idea of dining with Slice all too odious, we'll send you a pizza stone, pizza peel, and Peter Reinhart's American Pie, which is chocked full of great pizza recipes and inspiration."

Also joining us this morning is Pascale, whose C'est moi qui l'ai fait is the most popular French language food blog around. She is throwing in a gourmet box of a cool Zyliss peeler and some fancy chocolates from the fabulous chocolatier Michel Cluizel in Paris.

My good friend Jen of Life Begins at 30 finally reveals her mystery prize, three gorgeous prints from her partner Jason,
a professional photographer. You have to go to her blog and check them out. They are just beautiful.

And, to help sweeten the pot, as though donating a personally autographed copy of his delicious chocolate book is not enough, my other darling David Lebovitz is throwing in an afternoon to savor Berthillon ice cream with him on Ile Saint-Louis. He is buying the ice cream, of course. Let me tell you how hard the man is to track down -even if you are his other girlfriend- so if I were you I'd drop about $100 for that chance!

Oh, yes, for those who are interested in Japanese food, there is a second box of Japanese goodies on offer from Obachan. The box contains very hard to find items like dried Yuzu zest and Anko, azuki bean paste powder. Hardcore Japanese food lovers should go put your fiver down right about now!


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