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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Over the 10K mark, and unloved gifts


We are, as of this very moment, only $291 away from raising $10,000! (We did it! We are now over $10,000!! Woohoo!) A huge thank you to everyone who pitched in. A million thank you. But we are not quite finished yet, not until this Friday anyway. You could help us get there help UNICEF raise even more money by taking a look at these unloved gifts and put down a few fivers for them. Our food blogging friends have been so generous with their raffle gifts, as a result, more than a few fantabulous gifts are yet unloved -or not adequately loved- in our raffle. I've put them up in this little collage for you to browse at your leisure. I am sure you will find something else you or someone you loved might want for the holidays.

A few people have bought our raffle tickets as holiday gifts. That is such a fabulous idea, don't you think? Get your loved ones something fun for the holidays and help out a very very good cause. If that's not good karma for the new year, I don't know what is.



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