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Friday, December 16, 2005

We are back!!! And even more cool gifts!


My apology for the not so brief technical difficulties. We are back online again. Let's hope we didn't lose any momentum. Reaching the end of our 5th day on the Menu for Hope II campaign, we've raised over $6,500 to help UNICEF support the victims of the earthquake in the Kashmir region of Northern India and Pakistan. I hope we raise even more as our campaign continues until next Thursday.

I have yet more gifts that our friends and neighbours far and wide have made avialable for our raffle. For a fiver and a bit of luck you might get to shadow Michelin-star chef Stéphane Molé of Les Ormes for the day. Of course you'd have to get yourself over to Paris, but for this kind of chance who wouldn't? This wonderful gift brought to us by Vivian at A Life in Food.

A mixed case of 6 Austrian wines (value at $200) have been added to the campaign by the generosity of the good folks at Winemonger.

Our friend Graham the pieman in Vietnam is offering a copy of Saigon Street Cast DVD and some vietnamese coffee or whatever it is that the post office let him sneak in.

If you are in New York, the Hungry Rose will take you and three friends for a historic walking tour of NY Chinatown.

Another set of lovely gifts contains a book, a box of chocolates, and a surprised kitchen tool from Dreska at Little Fancies.

Also, last but not least is dear Viv of Seattle Bon Vivant, who put together a few of her favorite things, including everything from Christine Ferber jam, purple mustard, Fauchon tea, and two Seattle favorites, a dessert wine and a book from a local chef.

Don't forget to look at the rest of the menu. Plenty of fancy gourmet prizes that haven't even had any takers yet. Books, food, gift certificates, I can't begin to talk about them all. Spread the love around people!


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