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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Green curry with fish dumplings, Gang Kiew-wan Pla Grai


The other day I had a craving my favorite curries, Gang Kiew-wan Pla Grai, green curry with fish dumplings. So I had some made for me. Pla Grai is a type of fresh water fish known for its sweet flesh which has a particularly toothsome quality when made into dumplings. It is traditionally used in green curry with Krachai or wild ginger. I had a lot fun watching Pa Sai, our wonderful cook, made this dish so I took a lot of photos. Here is a little photo essay of the making of Gang Kiew-wan Pla Grai.

First there is the mise en place, preparing all the ingredients for the curry.


This is the Pla Grai dumplings, made by mixing about a kilo of ground Pla Grai fish meat with an egg and knead until it develops a sticky texture. The ground fish meat then is dropped by the little spoonfuls into a pot of boiling water to make dumplings.


We use two kinds of eggplants for this curry, apple eggplant (Makuea Proe) and grape eggplant (Makuea Puang), and julienne Krachai or wild ginger.


Horapa (Thai basil) and Prik Chi Fa (a type of large and mild chilli pepper) for garnish.


Hang Gati (coconut milk), separated from coconut cream (Hua Gati) bubbling in a pot waiting for the curry.


The first part of making this curry is cooking the curry paste with a little coconut cream. More coconut cream is added, a little bit at a time.


Then the Pla Grai dumplings are added and cooked well. The key here is to watch the curry paste and coconut cream breaking into a layer of oil.


The mixture is then added to the big pot with the coconut milk bubbling away.


After a few minutes then the eggplants and wild ginger go into the big pot and simmer for a bit, until the eggplants are soft but not mushy.


Then in goes the Prik Chi Fa.


The last to go in is the Horapa, Thai basil.


Now the finished curry, ready to be served.

Just in case you wanted to know what else we had for dinner, here's the day's menu written on the board for the kitchen.



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