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Thursday, January 26, 2006

grilled bananas on the road side

picture of grilled banana

Another ubiquitous street food in Bangkok, Gluay Ping, grilled banana in palm sugar syrup. The banana used for this is called Gluay Nahm-wa, which is shorter and fatter than the regular banana you see in your supermarket. It's also common to use slightly unripe Nahm-wa bananas for this, as the ripe ones tend to fall apart after grilling. The grilled bananas are sometimes flatten slightly, and doused in a syrup made by simmering palm sugar, water, and salt.

When I was little, I loved Gluay Ping made of greener bananas than usual. Green bananas develop a taut skin that's almost caramelized on the charcoal grill. Biting into one, the almost crisp skin gave way to a melting soft and sweet interior that's enhanced by the salty and sweet syrup. Simply delicious.


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