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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

on dimples and worms


Here by popular demand, the dimpled pans specifically for making Kanom Krok. Also, for your amusement…


No they are not wiggly worms. Not even the green ones. They are wiggly little dessert 'noodles' called Lod-chong. Lod-chong is made by passing the soft dough made of flour, water, and Pandan juice (which gives the noodles the green color) through a special instrument that's like a spatula full of little holes placed on top of a pot of boiling water. The long stream of dough is cut off with a knife every couple of inches, creating little worm looking pieces rather than long pieces of noodles. These little green worms are served in a bowl with sweetened coconut milk and plenty of ice. Trust me, they taste better than they look (and sound). Back in the old days the coconut milk used to be sweetened with a simple syrup that has been infused with fresh jasmine flowers. In that case, they tasted, and smelled, better than they looked (and sound.) Frankly, these days, I'm happy just to find Lod-Chong that are actually made with Pandan leaf and not artificial green color. Jasmine or no jasmine.

The fluorescent green worms in the tub next to the Lod Chong are not worms either. Sorry to have spoiled your fun. They are a sort of Lod Chong, we call them Lod Chong Singapore here in Thailand. Presumably they came from Singapore. (What you think me an encyclopedia or something? How should I know?) They are made in much the same way as Lod Chong, but with mung bean (green bean) flour instead of regular flour. They also have the extra garnish of pieces of jackfruit and young coconut instead of just coconut milk. Quite delicious they are, and a little bit more toothsome than the regular Lod Chong.

Meanwhile -well, not really meanwhile but I am evidently not very good at finding a segue, especially not when begging for votes- January 18th is the last day to vote for Chez Pim's Truffle Don piece, which is nominated for the Best Post award on the Food Blog Award that Kate is running over at The Accidental Hedonist. Go and drop a vote in for us, pretty please?


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