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Monday, January 16, 2006

Kanom Krok: This shall be the ruin of me


These innocent looking little bits. They shall be the ruin of me. What are they? They are called Kanom Krok. They are the most delicious little morsels, made of coconut milk, sugar, and just a little salt. As simple as that, and as delicious as anything. Evil. You see. It's pure evil. I have been eating them by the box full, every time I made it anywhere within the one mile radius of where they're sold. And that's a lot, you see, because these things are sold at the Emporium food hall, on Sukhumvit road. My parents's house is also on Sukhumvit, you see, and every time I go anywhere I would have to pass it front of it. I've had four boxes, so far, in two days. At this rate, with all the coconut milk and the sugar, I'd probably double my weight in not too many days.

Kanom Krok is a ubiquitous street food in Thailand. They are made in a cast iron or terra cotta pan with dimples. The mixture of coconut milk, sugar, and salt is poured into each dimple, and the finished Kanom Krok scooped out with a spoon. Kanom Krok is crispy on the outside and oozing soft in the middle. Just delicious. How many times have I said delicious? Oh dear. I. Need. Help.


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