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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

A lot of things to catch up on

Harold McGee and Manresa dinner auction
For a mere $5,000 to a good cause, you and seven of your bestest friends can be guests of Harold McGee and Manresa for a private dinner. David will cook a 5-course meal based on the Spanish experimental methods, and Harold will lead the evening's discussion about the chemistry of the food and its preparation. I am not going to bother telling you who Harold McGee is, because if you didn't know him by now then this meal would certainly not worth $5,000 for you. The silent auction is going on now. (Scroll down to the 'Once in a lifetime' category to place your bid.)

JunetaylorjamLearn how to make Marmalade from June Taylor
Our very own First Lady of Preserves June Taylor is sharing her secrets of marmalade making! You too can get in on this by signing up for one of her two hands-on classes on 3/25 and 4/22.

2006tasteevrthgTaste Everything Awards 2006
Hillel of Tasting Menu is hosting the second annual Taste Everything Awards, where food bloggers honor the best producers or sellers of food and other kitchen things. Check out the listing of the first two days' worth of awards here. And check back chez moi Thursday to see who I'm giving my Taste Everything award to.

Chris Cosentino goes to Britain!

And so can you. You can join a gastronomic tour to Britain led by Chris Cosentino of Incanto. Chris will take to you visit Prince Charle's organic garden, go Woodcock hunting, see an Oyster Farm in Marsea, have a very piggy day at the famous River Cottage, dine and St.John and the Fat Duck. Not to mention the Only in London experience of breakfasting at Smiths at Smithfield, with the butchers in blood-soaked apron from Smithfield meat market next door.

FirstbornroseAnd we have the first born!

Our lovely Farmgirl Susan has got the first born ewe of the season. She is called Rose, and the honorary ownership of her goes to Jennifer New, the lucky donor in our Menu for Hope II campaign, where together food bloggers from all over the world helped raised more than $17,000 for UNICEF's funds for the earthquake survivors in Northern India and Pakistan.


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