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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I am going to like it here


It's been just a few days, and it seems I am settling in to my new life pretty well. I rode my brand new red bicycle to the farmers market for the first time. The bike was a very thoughtful -and hopeful- gift from someone last Christmas. It has a cute wicker basket that comes off at a touch of a button so the basket can go shopping with me while the bike waits. How cool is that?

Santa Cruz feels far more like a small village than a good size city that it really is. It probably helps that we live so close to downtown that everything is either walking distance or riding distance. Mind you, everything here is nothing much compared to what's up in the city but I think I'm going to like it anyway.

Adding to the village-y feeling is the fact that our best friends in town, Eric and Cill, live right across the street. They checked on me to make sure that I was fine on my first night at the new home, when David was gone on a business trip. They took me to dinner at Eric's bistro, Oswald, the second night, and earlier this evening Eric was here building bookshelves. It's like we've got our own little Mayberry going over here.

The new house is agreeing with our little cat pretty well too. I don't think she's ever lived in a house with a staircase: she has been so captivated by it that she spent all day today sleeping on this step and that. She's also been peering outside the huge Victorian windows, soon she'll even muster enough courage to venture outside.

I am really going to like it here.


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