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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Noodle with green garlic, shitake, and crab meat


So much green garlic at the farmers market yesterday in Santa Cruz, everyone was tripping over them. I couldn't help but buy some. I also bought some fat Shitake mushrooms and plump local Dungeness crab meat.

Those, and some dried Chinese egg noodle in the cupboard, made a lovely simple dinner last night. So simple it would be a crime to write a recipe.

In a hot wok goes a little oil and then some green garlic cut up on the bias. When the garlic is nice and fragrant, throw in thinly sliced Shitake. Take the Shitake on a spin round the wok until it wilts a bit and gives up some moisture. Then the crab meat. Add a splash or two of good soy sauce. Then in goes the noodle that's been cooked up on the side. A few quick stir. A bit of pepper if you'd like, black, white, whatever, we're equal-opportunity around here. Another splash or two of soy sauce just to make me happy.

Four ingredients. Fifteen minutes to cook. Not a frozen pea in sight. Take that Rachael Ray.

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