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Monday, April 17, 2006

You are paying me to do this, seriously??

Fwgolist The current issue of Food and Wine magazine features 'The Go List' with a list of 365 hottest restaurants around the world, seven of which are contributed by yours truly.

You might remember that it has been a year since I quit my geeky day job, ostensibly to turn my love of food into something resembling a profession. After so many months of trying my best at being as useless as humanly possible all in the name of a good rest, I finally got my merde together to do something about my dream. And here is a fruit of that labor.

Just between you and me, I get a little giddy seeing my name up there on the list of the plugged-in correspondents -even though they dropped a couple letters off my last name. (I really can do with less anyhow, ha!) I guess I am having a hard time believing that I actually got paid to do something I love this much. Frankly, they really could have just asked nicely...

Besides this piece, there was also a radio piece I did for Living on Earth on NPR (Podcast here), a few more pieces of writing to appear soon in a variety of venues, and a couple more really fun projects brewing -which, of course, I can't tell you about just yet. ;-) Soon, I hope. Very soon.

At risk of sounding like a not-so-genuine Thank You Speech at the Oscar, I really must say that none of this could have happened without the vast and ever-improving food blogosphere and you, my wonderful and encouraging readers. Blogging has given me a venue to voice my opinion, and to find an audience who are interested in it even. Without the blog, I'm just some opinionated chick who bored all her friends with her incessant talk of food and all things related. With the blog, I'm an opinionated chick who has made a lot of new friends -in all the right places even- with her incessant talk of food and all things related.

So, blog away, my friends, even if everybody and their mother thinks that it's all a waste of time. You never know what opportunity will come knocking on your door.

P.S. By the way, no, I didn't spend two weeks in Bangkok only to come up with this list of seven recommendations. There are quite a bit more materials from that trip yet, so there's more to come. I promise.

P.P.S. Bravo to my blogging friend the pieman Graham Holliday, who was plugged in as well.


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