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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Alan Richman goes to Chicago

Alan Richman goes to Chicago and pronounces it the 2nd city no more.

"Something is happening in Chicago, where most of us believe nothing unexpected ever takes place. It’s revelatory and special, a likely new direction for American food."

Check out his article, it might inspire you to take a flight to Chicago for a meal or two, or three.

And what about me, you asked? Well, I'm packing my bag for Paris, leaving in just over a week.

Frankly, I have no opinion on the three restaurants Mr.Richman wrote about: Alinea, Moto, and Avenues. I remain curious about Grant Achatz's Alinea, though still haven't managed a meal there yet. I ate Grant Achatz's food at Trio and had a lovely meal. Reports from friends who have been to Moto are mixed, but I am a little curious about that place too. I'm completely agnostic on Avenues.

P.S. Joy and Fatimeh went to Alinea and both went gaga over Grant's food, by the way.


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